All in One Confined Space Entry System

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Confined spaces can be extremely dangerous. When your entrance to one of these work spaces is your only exit, having the right equipment matters. At PK Safety, we've put together all the necessary tools to safeguard your team with our exceptional All in One Confined Space Entry System. Starting with Miller's sturdy MightEvac Confined Space SRL Tripod Hoist System and their top of the line AirCore Harness, we've also included BW Honeywell's award winning GasAlert Max XT II multi-gas monitor and Euramco's UB20 blower/25 ft. duct combo to keep the air flowing. Complete the kit by including options like Petzl's OSHA/ANSI rated low-profile Vertex helmet and a GasAlert Max XT II maintenance kit. For a more economy minded confined space entry kit, please see our Contractors Confined Space Kit.

Kit Includes:

1. Miller MightEvac Confined Space SRL Tripod Hoist w/ 7 ft Tripod

The MR50GC-Z7/50FT is a Miller confined space entry system with a 7 ft. aluminum tripod capable of withstanding a 5,000 lb. load. This system includes a 50 ft. MightEvac ANSI Z359-rated emergency SRL and retrieval hoist, mounting bracket, and pulley. This rugged system is easy to set up, and works smoothly and efficiently in the event of an emergency.

The high-strength aluminum tripod has adjustable legs for easy adjustment over uneven surfaces and a safety chain as well as rubber skid plates on the tripod feet help prevent slipping. The outside edges of the legs have reflective tape for low-light visibility for others on the job site. The tripod is a maximum of 7 ft. tall and can be set up within minutes. See the product page for more details.

2. BW Honeywell GasAlert Max XT II

This unit can take a pounding and keep accurately displaying readings for hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen (O2) and the Lower Explosive Levels of a number of combustible gases (%LEL). The one-button user interface for the BW GasAlert Max XT is incredibly simple, and takes very little training. A large LCD screen makes reading gas levels on GasAlert Max XT II very easy. Need the screen back-lit to check levels in a dark environment? Just push the one button. See the product page for more details.

3. Euramco UB20 Portable Blower with 25 ft. Duct Canister ED7025

The UB20 is the most popular blower we sell and has proven to be extremely reliable. The double-walled housing is molded from a UV-resistant polyethylene; making it dent-resistant, corrosion-proof and virtually indestructible. Add a polypropylene blade, tough nylon motor mount and thru-bolted motor and this unit can handle plenty of abuse. Shipyards, utilities, contractors, rescue teams have put it to the test and have come to the same conclusion ... Nothing compares!

4. Miller AirCore Harness QC Buckles AC-QC/UGN

The Miller AirCore AC-QC/UGN full body harness gives workers a lightweight and incredibly comfortable protection option, designed for all-day at height use. The AirCore features a sleek design, air circulation and heat ventilation, patented DuraFlex stretchable webbing, and it adjusts with ease. The AC-QC/UGN version includes simple quick-connect leg strap and chest strap buckles, and a universal size.

This harness has all the components that you'd want from a harness. It meets the strictest ANSI requirements, it has less surface area than competitive models which makes it light, and it's incredibly ergonomic and strategically-padded for support. Miller listened to their customers when making this harness, and the difference shows in its careful craftsmanship. 


BW Max XT II Monitor Confined Space Kit:
  • Charging adapter for detector
  • IR Data Link Kit with Fleet Manager II software
  • 0.5 LPM regulator
  • 3 ft. / 1 m calibration hose with quick connect
  • 10 ft. / 3 m sampling hose with metallic particulate filter and quick connect
  • 5 spare hydrophobic and particulate pump filters
  • Sampling probe (GA-PROB1-1)
  • Reversible screwdriver
  • Hard-sided carrying case with lid insert pockets and foam case insert
*A BW Calibration 4-gas canister is also available as an option. The mixture includes: CH4 (2.5%), O2 (18.0%), h5S (25 ppm), CO (100 ppm).

Petzl VERTEX VENT Helmet A10V

Confined space entry requires a low-profile helmet or hard hat with a chin strap. Our customers have only the best things to say about the VENT from Petzl. It meets all applicable OSHA and ANSI standards, and is extremely comfortable with adjustments for depth as well as circumference.

Part Numbers:
  • MR50GC-Z7/50FT - Miller MightEvac Confined Space SRL Tripod Hoist
  • ED7025 - Euramco UB20 Portable Blower
  • AC-QC/UGN - Miller AirCore Harness QC Buckles
  • XT-XWHM-Y-NA - BW Honeywell GasAlert Max XT II
  • XT-CK-DL - Confined Space Kit for the GasAlert Max XT II
  • A10VYA - VERTEX VENT Yellow
  • A10VWA - VERTEX VENT White
  • A10VOA - VERTEX VENT Orange
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  1. Steve

    2015-12-29 18:57:41

    What is the maximum and minimum height of the tripod in this kit when erected, or is this tripod even adjustable for changing environments. We are looking for a tripod to be used in our confined space rescue kit. The clear height above the tank openings vary so we need an adjustable tripod.

    1 answer
    1. Ben

      2015-12-29 18:57:41

      The tripod height is adjustable in 1/2 foot increments. Minimum height is 4ft, fully extended it's 7ft. That is floor to the top of the tripod.

  2. derek

    2016-12-05 17:09:02

    what is the the largest vault opening this tri-pod will fit over and is the base adjustable

    1 answer
    1. Alan

      2016-12-05 17:09:02

      The working height is 53" to 92.5" and the working field opening is 1.54 meters minimum and 2.68 meters max.

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