BW GasAlert Max XT II Complete Confined Space Kit, XT-XWHM-Y-NA-CS

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BW GasAlert Max XT II Confined Space Kit XT-XWHM-Y-NA-CS allows you to sample remote locations, bump test and calibrate the monitor, replace clogged filters, and access the monitor interface on your computer. This kit features the BW Gas Alert Max XT II monitor with H2S, CO, O2, and percent LEL sensors and the tools your company needs to maintain the monitor, store data, and be in compliance with the confined space entry requirements.

Key Features:
  • Gas Alert Max XT II 4-gas detector
  • IR Connectivity Kit with Fleet Manager II software
  • Charging adapter for detector
  • 0.5 LPM regulator
  • Quad-mix calibration gas
  • 3 ft. calibration hose with quick connect
  • 10 ft. sampling hose with metallic particulate filter and quick connect
  • 5 spare hydrophobic and particulate pump filters
  • Sampling probe (GA-PROB1-1)
  • Hard-sided carrying case with foam case insert
  • Reversible screwdriver
Remember to calibrate every six months and regularly perform bump tests.

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Price $1,336.00
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Brand BW Honeywell
Type Multi-Gas
Gas Type %LEL, O2, H2S, CO
5th Sensor No
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  1. Jonathan Lew

    2014-06-05 21:43:16

    We are interested in four multi-gas monitors that are waterproof and rugged.
    We would like two with pumps and two that are belt,carry-on.
    The ones with pumps need to have tubing that can go down up to 60 feet and have filters that prevent water from being sucked up into them.

    We want to be able to carry these out in the rain or in wet locations and not have to worry about replacing the sensors or purchasing new ones when the gas analyzers get wet from the rain or get dropped in the water.

    1 answer
    1. Ben

      2014-06-05 21:43:16

      The BW Honeywell GasAlert Quattro is the best option for belt, carry on. This is the most durable diffusion monitor BW make, it was designed with oil rig workers in mind so it will definitely stand up to a little rain. As for a pumped monitor you’ll want to go with BW Honeywell GasAlert Max XT II. This also has a belt clip if required. The internal pump can sample up to a maximum of 75ft and will stall if the end of the hose is submerged. The unit also has a small water filter built in to prevent water intrusion.

  2. Jewel

    2015-01-22 00:24:01

    How long is the warranty on this product?
    What is the expected life?

    1 answer
    1. Chris

      2015-01-22 00:24:01

      The manufacturer’s warranty from BW Honeywell is 2 years. This covers the instrument and sensors. Sensors are the consumable part of your gas detector. The oxygen will pretty reliably wear out a few months after 2 years elapses. The others, LEL, CO and H2S, can last much longer. We have instruments in service with customers for many years. It is not unusual to have monitors come back for new sensors, with the gas detector itself being 5 or more years old. That said, losing the instrument or abuse in the field are the usual causes for replacement. We are a fully certified repair facility for BW, with factory trained tech staff on site.

  3. Phil

    2015-05-06 18:10:14

    We purchased a confined space Gas Alert XT ii last August which is working well. I did not receive it as it was shipped directly to our Midwest facility. Do you not ship a certificate of compliance or QC calibration certs for the actual meter and regulator regardless that it is user calibrated periodically?

    1 answer
    1. Chris

      2015-05-06 18:10:14

      That BW GasAlert MAX XT II does come with a calibration certificate. It’s usually in the pouch with the instruction manual and CD-ROM. It’s a white, credit card size certificate. If you are unable to locate it, all we need is the serial number to request a copy from BW (usually takes 2-3 days), and would be emailed. Also, please note that calibration is recommended at least every 180 days. More frequently is even better.

  4. Chad

    2017-11-09 19:12:53

    Our old Honeywell has a 4 in 1 sensor cartridge, does the BW Honeywell gasalert XT ll have a group sensor cartridge , or individual cartridges?

    1 answer
    1. Alan Lau

      2017-11-10 18:00:06

      The Max XT II uses individual sensors. So if you need to replace them, it'll be by the each.

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