Con-Space Hardline Communication Kit CSI-1000

The Con-Space Hardline System Kit is the best confined space communication system on the market, and could be the perfect product for your next job. This system allows for a controllable, safe, fast operation. The basic kit includes the CSI-1100 Mini Module Base Unit, a throat mic communication set with a speaker and an alarm button, a speaker harness, a headset with a 32 in. cord, and a 50 ft. cable with connectors.

The hardline system keeps entrants in continuous contact with the attendant. It works 100 percent of time, every time. It's made with built-tough components, and guaranteed to provide unparalleled performance. The system is also portable, and can easily be moved from one location to another. The Con-Space Hardline System is truly the top choice for both safety and peace of mind when entering confined spaces.

Communication technology has come a long way. Gone are the days of tugging on rope for confined space communication. Still, the Con-Space Hardline System isn't much harder to use than two tins cans and a string. It's simple to set-up, can be done in just four easy-to-understand steps, and everything is interchangeable. When entering water and sewer pipes, storage tanks, manholes, tunnels, mines, or any other confined space, you can be sure that Con-Space won't let you down. It's a proven-effective system for fast on-site rescue. Best of all, it can take a beating. Harsh work environments and extreme weather are no problem. This system certainly isn't flashy, but it doesn't need to be. It's old-school in the best possible way—it works well, and keeps on working, without fail.

The CSI-1100 Mini Module Base Unit offers 200 hours of continuous battery power, so there are no unnecessary cables to get in the way. This small unit can handle a maximum of three users. A larger base unit, the CSI-2100 Command Module, is available and can handle fourteen users. Additional modules can be added to both the CSI-1100 and the CSI-2100 to increases the number of users.

The system utilizes military-grade connectors, with gold-plated contacts, and O-rings throughout. Easy connections are made by lining up the red dots, giving a light push, then a quarter twist. You'll never struggle to make your connections. The cable is covered in triple-layered thermal plastic, which is more durable and longer-lasting than the rope-covered cables offered on other, similar systems. All cables have the same connector, so sections of cable can be added or subtracted depending on the user's needs.

The CSI-2131 Power Talk Box is a popular upgrade because it offers continuous hands-free communication, two-way communication, and connects to either the CSI-1100 Mini Module or the CSI-2100 Command Module. A molded fiberglass enclosure holds state-of-the-art electronic circuitry with automatic gain control, a high-output speaker, and a sensitive microphone. Critical placement of controls and hardware prevent obstructed communication, and the speaker is completely waterproof.

The Con-Space Hardline System offers the best throat mic on the market. It's so good that Con-Space has been manufacturing the mic for use in other industries. The headset is compatible with respirators and any make or model of breathing apparatus.

Many options for the Con-Space Hardline System are available beyond the basic kit, and it can be adapted for your specific confined space needs. To customize your Con-Space system, please contact PK Safety at 1-800-829-9580. We'll work to ensure that you receive the perfect system for your needs.

Basic Kit Includes:
  • CSI-1100 Mini Module
  • Throat mic and headset with speaker and an alarm button
  • Speaker harness
  • 50 ft. cable with connectors and strain relief/snap hook
  • Headset with 32 in. cord
  • Optional Accessories:Kit Features:
    • Hands-free two-way communication
    • Private network
    • Emits no RF-signals
    • Intrinsically safe approved
    • Rugged, reliable, and chemical resistant
    • Tested to MIL-STD 461
    Part Numbers:
    0919-00-002 - CSI-1100 Mini Module for Communication System Kit
    0613-01-002 - Con-Space Industrial Throat Mic with Speaker and Alarm Button
    0103-01-012 - Con-Space Speaker Head Harness
    0819-01-042 - Con-Space Behind Head Headset 32 In. Cord Single Side
    0302-11-050 - Con-Space Communication System 50 ft. Cable
    0302-11-100 - Con-Space Communication System 100 ft. Cable
    0319-01-010 - Carrying Case
    0103-02-003 - Power Talk Box
    More Information
    Price $2,632.50
    SKU CON01-CSI-1000_
    Weight 15.0000
    Brand Con-Space
    MPN CSI-1000
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