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ExoFit NEX Harnesses

Coming from DBI/SALA the ExoFit NEX range of fall protection safety harnesses is a high end, super comfortable, industrial quality set of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with a wealth of features and options to suit all forms of confined space access, positioning and rescue work. Designed to be comfortable over long work periods the NEX are loaded with features, for safety, comfort and convenience. A spring loaded D-ring makes tying onto a lanyard or Self-Retracting Lifeline (SRL) a simple affair; the lightweight breathable Dri-Lex mesh, whips away moisture; allowing you to work without discomfort or chafing and Quick Connect buckles let you get in and out of the harness quickly, while keeping you safely locked in. Further to this the whole ExoFit range features Capital Safety's RFID tagging system – iSafe, as they call it – to easily track maintenance, equipment checks and falls automatically. Extensions to the basic harness: The Wind Energy Vest features a front D-ring for hooking onto a ladder safety system for ascension of towers and turbines, and it's PVC coated to prevent nacelle scratching en route. The Tower Climbing Harness has a belt pack with back pad for extra support and long-term use and removable seat sling. The comfortable seat sling feature of the XT Tower Climbing Harness has an aluminum stiffener, suspension D-rings and cushioned padding for the utmost comfort and customer satisfaction when working for long periods at heights. The XP Rescue Harness features sub-pelvic straps for victim attachment during technical rescue operations. Whatever your line of work: oil rigs, gasworks or refinery engineer; sewer access, manhole entry, industrial tank cleaning or working for the Armed Services: If your work requires positioning at height, confined space access or rescue planning, these professional grade ExoFit Nex harnesses are as comfortable, safe and convenient as you will find.