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Economy Harnesses

Our range of economy harnesses from Capital Safety and DBI/SALA allow you to keep your team safe and meet OSHA requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE) without breaking the bank.

The basic Protecta AB series of harnesses may not be as comfortable as the more high-end ExoFit NEX or NAVAHO full body harnesses from Petzl, but they do everything you need and are ideal for short stints of confined space access and work positioning.

A wide range of harnesses is available, with sufficient attachment points for a Self-Retracting Lifeline, lanyard or winch system for fall protection. Should you need a higher rated capacity the Protecta PRO series and construction harness model offer you this as well as increased padding and a support belt.

The DBI/SALA series of harnesses may be economical, but they do not scrimp on features. Each of the series has a spring-loaded D-ring, durable resistant webbing and plated hardware. They even feature a special 'no-tangle' design, meaning you can stuff them away as you want but they will always be easy to unpack.

Both series of harnesses come in a variety of models for construction, work positioning, rescue and even, with the Iron Workers unit, designs specific to welding and industrial work.

Gas, oil rig and refinery workers, sewer access, manhole entry, armed services, and engineers can use these harnesses as part of their daily routine, hooked securely to a lanyard or Self-Retracting Lifeline for access, rescue or positioning.