RAE Systems RAELink3 Mesh Wireless Transmission Kit 029-0695-000

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Connect commanders or emergency response coordinators to real-time gas detection information with the RAE Systems RAELink3 Mesh Wireless Transmission kit. Data from up to 9 compatible RAE Systems monitors can be sent up to 2 miles with this RAELink3 modem with GPS capability. The Mesh transmitter allows a wireless network of gas monitoring equipment to be established quickly, and allows a central command be aware of any alarms or variations encountered by the deployed unit sensors.

To create the network, the RAELink3 Mesh is used in conjunction with a second RAELink3 and a PC running the included ProRAE Guardian safety monitoring software. The unit deployed in the field can be linked to compatible wireless gas monitors within a fairly close range - up to a 33 ft. radius. Multiple RAELink3 Mesh transmitters can be carried into the work or emergency site, all transmitting the data received from the gas detection units back to the central command computer.

Currently the RAELink3 Mesh is capable of transmitting information from the ToxiRAE Pro, ToxiRAE Pro PID, and MultiRAE gas detection units.

Key Features:
  • Links up to 9 gas detection devices
  • Rapid deployment and configuration
  • Easy to operate

  • Provides real-time atmosphere information to team leaders

  • Transmits data up to 2 miles back to host monitor

  • Built to withstand harsh environments

  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery runs up to 14 hours continuously

  • Multiple RAELink3 Mesh devices can be linked bringing data to a central location

  • Reverse compatible with AreaRAE systems

The RAELink3 Mesh works in conjunction with the ProRAE Guardian safety monitoring software (running on a remote PC) and a second RAELink3 Mesh working as a receiver, enabling those in charge of administering operations to have an accurate understanding of the atmosphere in the monitored areas.

RAELink3 Mesh Kit Includes:
  • RAELink3 Mesh with GPS

  • Rugged antenna

  • Charging adapter with AC cable

  • Alkaline battery pack

  • Hard transport case

  • Quick reference guide and resource CD

  • RS-232 cable (for connection to devices not equipped with mesh radio)
Total Weight:
1.08 lbs.

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