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Confined Space Signs

This range of confined space warning signs is suited to the vast majority of worksites, enabling you to quickly and simply meet OSHA specifications as well as remind your workers of the need to gain permission for access to certain area.

The standard warning signs, 'Danger Confined Space' and 'Enter by Permit Only' are available in a variety of sizes (3.5"x5"; 7"x10" and 10"x14") as well as materials.

Vinyl stickers offer ease of application, letting you get up to speck quickly, while magnetic signs offer you flexibility with placement on any ferrous material and aluminum models provides a long-term corrosion resistant warning. The standing sign allows you to temporarily warn off an open tank or manway.

The 'Enter by Permit Only' Barrier lets you block of an access hatch up to 38" wide, with its crosshatch polycarbonate plastic barriers attaching to the hatch entrance itself.

For further OSHA compliance there is a permit holding board that holds the standard OSHA entry permits which let you easily record everything you need to about logging entry to confined spaces.

Suitable for any work site: gas and oil rigs, refineries, chemical engineering plants, manhole entry, sewer access and maintenance, brewery or winery work, as well as maritime or military bases. These signs let you easily warn workers of the need for authorized access to confined spaces.